Rein Lo

Rein Lo is a spiritualist and artist of Taiwanese and English ancestry based in the United Kingdom.

As a mixed-race cusp millenial/Gen Z-er, they explore how their highly neurodivergent generation experience both the emerging Metaverse and collapsing Earth as interconnected mystical realms, populated by fae, extra terrestrials, and other magical beings.

Lo uses ritual trance performance, DJing, visual art, and other means to collect data from these realms and transmit it to their audience.

Their current project is Lunmu (龍夢), meaning Dragon's Dream, with spiritualist, artist and philosopher Tada Hozumi.

Together, they remember the forgotten rites and knowledge of lost ancient and advanced cultures that they believe teach us how to live in the times of a collapsing Earth and an emerging Metaverse.

Through their collaboration, Lo and Hozumi labour for the (re)creation of Lunmuryua (龍夢龍愛・Dragon's Dream Dragon's Love), a hybrid IRL-URL civilisation that interweaves ecologies both online and on-land through magick and technology.