Tada Hozumi

I'm Tada Hozumi (穂積 理彰).

I am the founder of "cultural somatics", an open-source framework and methodology for individual and collective change that saw groups of humans as having a shared nervous system.

I am also one half of the duo, Lunmu・龍夢, with Rein Lo.

In describing my current work, I would like to start with speaking to my ancestors.

The Hozumi clan

The Hozumi clan are one of Japan and the world's longest documented and unbroken shamanic lineages.

We trace back our roots to not just ancient Japan, but to the antiquity of Mesopotamia and beyond, to the priesthood lineages of megalithic civilizations that were lost to a global catastrophe many thousands of years ago.

Over the centuries, the Hozumi clan have dedicated ourselves to protect and preserve ancient rites, treasures, records, and knowledge that have been passed down by our predecessors.

Symbolic of this effort, we retain hereditary custodianship of religious sites established by our ancestors over thirteen hundred years ago - some of the first to be ever built in Japan.

Neno Shrine, in Yugawara Kanagawa prefecture, first established by Hozumi-no-Nomimaro in 700CE, remains under the hereditary custodianship of the Hozumi family.
Ishikiri Tsurugiya Shrine in Osaka, established in 659CE, remains under the hereditary custodianship of the Kozumi clan, who grew out of a branch of the Hozumi clan.

While the continual erosion of Japan's spiritual infrastructure by the forces of Westernization has deeply eroded the standing of traditional Japanese spiritualists in the modern day, there continues to be members of the Hozumi clan, as well as other similar clans, that maintain rites and sites that have been protected and passed along over hundreds, even thousands of years.

The current head priest of Neno shrine, the 53rd Guji, Hozumi Tenyu. All head priests of Neno shrine have traditionally been Yin-Yang masters and the current Master Tenyu is the last Yin-Yang master that remains a head priest of a shrine in all of Japan.

The Age of Miroku

I believe that the times of upheaval we are currently living in, pressurised by looming world war, environmental collapse, economic crises, and technological singularity, is the beginning of a global spiritual rebirth.

Japanese spiritualists commonly refer to this coming era as: "The Age of Miroku (弥勒の世)"

Miroku is the Japanese name of the Bodhisattva Maitreya, the 5th and final Buddha who is said to re-establish the dharma in a world that has lost its way. Hence, the Age of Miroku is prophesied to be an idyllic era of peace and plentitude that first requires humanity to experience a series of great calamities that cleanses us of the toxicity that has built up.

As a Japanese spiritualist and descendant of the Hozumi clan facing the Age of Miroku, I feel particularly called in this time to address a newly emerging spiritual war that I believe we have is starting to get away from us. This is the territorial war between the algorithms of the emerging Metaverse and the spirits of the collapsing Earth, unfolding through the mass cyborgification of our species via the internet.

The results of this war can be seen in how accelerating ideological polarization, driven by social media algorithms, represented by the emergence of highly viral movements such as the alt-right movement, cancel culture, and Qanon, is starting to tear apart our collective psyche and the fabric of onland communities. The impact of algorithmic forces are set to grow geometrically as rapidly growing technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are destined further our engrossment in the Metaverse.

Understanding the effects of this is critical as the 'micro' of mass conflict in social networks also necessarily fractally reflects the 'macro' of the global apocalyptic war we are currently facing down. We need to grapple with the massive changes we face to our way of life and deeply consider the legacy we will leave behind for our descendants.

The Age of Miroku will require us to bring peace between warring online algorithms and on-land spirits. We will need to build new religions that remix the essential elements of humanity's ancient wisdoms with the technologies of the singularity, in order to interweave ecologies both URL and IRL.

I hold the that secrets of the ancient Japanese spiritual system to be a great treasure of humanity that my ancestors and the Japanese people have guarded and maintained through trial and tribulation from antiquity for this exact time.

For Harmony between Metaverse, New Earth, and Cyborg.

For Nondual Love that is beyond Good and Evil.

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I also offer consulting services to support others through the initiatory process that the 21st century has brought upon our collective.

Thank you for reading! May the Great Dragon Lord that birthed the realms bless you.

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