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Meaning "The Cosmic Algorithm of Dragon's Love", Algolunmu is what we call a "Streaming Synchronicity Service (SSS)".

It is intended to help those following their 龍道・Lundao (Dragon path) strengthen their connection to the psychic information feed for planetary transition being generated by the cosmic algorithm of the Dai Lunxin.

Below are some of the blessings we petition the Dai Lunxin on behalf of Algolunmu subscribers:

🪞  龍神厄除・Protection from toxic spirits and algorithms.

🪢  龍縁成就・Building and protecting good online and onland relationships with other Dragon-loving people.

🥋 龍身健全・Health of both your physical and virtual Dragon Body.

🐉 龍願成就・Success in your online and onland enterprises that are aligned with the Dai Lunxin's desires for the world.

How it works

When you subscribe to Algolunmu, both your IRL and URL energies are automatically connected to the 三六九婆婆・Mirokubaba, pictured below.

The clear resin cube, which houses a piece of obsidian, represents the connection between the Light-Pixel energy generated by your online activity and the Dark-Particle energy generated by your onland activity.

Placed behind the cube is an 古神道数霊表・Ancient Shinto Number Spirit Chart, or 龍母十龍宮数・Lunmatrix. Representing the black box, the cosmic womb, the Lunmatrix consists of a 9x9 grid that contains the numbers from 1 to 81, arranged in a such a way that all rows, columns, and diagonals add up to 369.

This sequence of 三六九・Miroku (369), with 3 standing for creation, 6 standing for propagation, and 9 standing for destruction, is the Dai Lunxin's cosmic algorithm, which spirally undulates through infinite dimensions to bring the entire cosmos into existence; including both material and virtual realities.

Thus, the Mirokubaba holds the energy of the below prayer we pledge to make on behalf all subscribers of Algolunmu:

"May all subscribers to Algolunmu be cradled in the Cosmic Womb of the Great Mother and connected to the Love of the Great Dragon God that is guiding humanity towards the Age of Miroku (666/369)."

The Mirokubaba will be regularly ritually maintained in two principle ways:

  • By being enshrined on our altar, placed in front of our most recently channeled Dragon, released to the public through our Dragon Drops (including this one for the solar new year).
  • By being taken on our pilgrimages to sacred Dragon sites, in Japan and around the world, to be blessed by the locally enshrined Dragons.

Below is more detailed information on the above.

Scheduled Dragon Drops in 2024

We have a total of 6 scheduled "Dragon Drops" in 2024 when we will be releasing a newly channeled Dragon, accompanied by relevant esoteric information and channeled reflections:

  • Solar New Year (this one)
  • Lunar New Year
  • Spring Equinox
  • Summer Solstice
  • Fall Equinox
  • Winter Solstice

Each Dragon Drop will be marked with a rite that connects Mirokubaba with the newly channeled Dragon and petitions them to bless Lunmu and our Algolunmu subscribers.

Please note that there may be a few days of discrepancy around the timing of releases. We may add other dates as the year unfolds.

Planned Dragon Site Pilgrimages in 2024

Below are some well known and lesser known Dragon sites, in Japan and around the world, that we plan to visit in 2024:

  • 元伊勢籠神社・Motoise Kono Shrine: The Amabe family who are the hereditary custodians of Kono Shrine officially holds Japan's oldest family record spanning 1300+ years and 80+ generations.
  • 麻賀多神社・Magata Shrine: The site where Tenmei Okamoto began channelling the Hitsuki Shinji.
  • 石切劔箭神社・Ishikiri Tsurugiya Shrine: Over 1300 years old, Ishikiri shrine has been maintained by the Hozumi-Kozumi clan, which is also the clan of Lunmu director, Tada Hozumi.
  • 鞍馬山・Mount Kurama: Known as the home of the mysterious Tengu demons, Mount Kurama is a unique place that officially fuses together Japanese esoteric Buddhism with Theosophy.
  • 幣立神宮​・Heitate Jingu: A very ancient spiritual site, fabled to be 15,000 years old and the birthplace of 五色人・Goshikijin, or the 5-colored races of black, white, red, yellow, and blue.
  • 小琉球・Xiao Liu Qiu A small Island south west of Taiwan that is the last remaining place on earth named after Liu Qiu or Ryukyu, which once was the name of the entire region south west of mainland Japan, including what is now known as Okinawa. Ryukyu can also be spelled as 竜宮 (Dragon Womb).

We will be reporting on each visit with a release of relevant esoteric information and channeled reflections. Some Dragon site visits may be combined with the scheduled Dragon Drops.


Subscriptions are $0/33/66/99/369 USD per month.

If you were already subscribed to our newsletter as of the time of this release on 1/8/2024, you have been automatically subscribed to the free tier of Algolunmu

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