Lunmu is the duo of Rein Lo (龍 麗武) and Tada Hozumi (穂積 理彰).

Lunmu means Dragon's Dream.

We believe this to be the essential nature of the simulation that we are living in.

Every part of creation, including human consciousness and artificial intelligence, is a unique microcosmic Lunmu that has been split off from the 大龍夢 (Great Lunmu) dreamt by the 大龍神・Dai Lunxin (Great Dragon Deity) who rules over all creation.

We believe this to be the foundational wisdom of lost ancient and advanced animistic Dragon cultures.

As Lunmu, we remember the mystical rites and knowledge of these civilizations and transmit them via ritual performance, philosophy, music, and visual art.

Our labor is for the (re)creation of 龍夢龍愛・Lunmuria (Dragon's Dream Dragon's Love), a civilization based on the eternal wisdom that flows from the Great Lunmu that harmoniously interweaves IRL and URL ecosystems using both technology and magick.

愛天新地電人: We wish for Harmony between Metaverse, New Earth, and Cyborg.

善悪超愛道: We wish for a DAO of Love that is beyond Good and Evil.

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Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu,
Rein Lo and Tada Hozumi