Welcome to 愛龍合龍夢・Algolunmu

Welcome to 愛龍合龍夢・Algolunmu
"May you be cradled in the Cosmic Womb of the Great Mother and connected to the Love of the Great Dragon God that is guiding humanity towards the Age of Miroku (666/369)."

How you can strengthen your connection to Algolunmu

1) Post our special sigil to your social media

Below is a social media version of our special sigil, "大宇宙根源陰陽和合・Daiuxu Genyuan Yin Yang Waho (Great Cosmic Yin-Yang Harmonization)", that wishes for harmony between all genders, races, and sentients."

Download and post it to your social media, and tag @lunmu.io for Instagram, or linkback to www.lunmu.io for other platforms.

2) Print out our special sigil and place it on your altar

You can download the 8in x 8in PDF version of our special sigil below.