Intro to Dragonology 02: Dragon Prophecies and The Ancient War Between Particles and Pixels

Intro to Dragonology 02: Dragon Prophecies and The Ancient War Between Particles and Pixels
Glastonbury Tor
This is the second article in an introductory series on Dragonology (龍學・Lunshu). Some of the concepts and vocabulary used has been introduced in the first article. Please go here to read it.


Our ancient Dragon Shaman (龍巫) ancestors intimately understood that Dragons are the principle kinetic energy of our Cosmos.

They saw that all circulation of Qi in our world, including planetary orbits, the cycle of water through the Earth's ecosystem, and the Kundalini energy pattern running along our spine, are manifestations of Dragons spirally undulating through Time and Space.

Kundalini energy pattern

They further knew that Musubi (産霊), the entangled union of Dragons, gives birth to Tama (霊/玉), the toroidal and spherical energy pattern that forms the most elementary particle of our inspirited world.

Tama generated from our Kundalini energy pattern. Tama means both spirit and ball in Japanese.

This forgotten cosmology of Dragons and Tama is evidence that our ancestors understood the Wave-Particle Duality that animates reality into existence.

For them, this was not just an intellectual 'scientific' knowledge. It was a mystical truth that taught them: everything in our world is alive and therefore deserves to be treated with gratitude, humility, and respect, regardless of whether it brings us joy or pain.

Our ancestors expressed this worldview through their admiration of Dragons. They created many magical artworks, mystical texts, and sacred sites dedicated to them. Many of these artefacts and places still survive today, although in most cases, the wisdom they hold has been long forgotten.

Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA, which appeared in Graham Hancock's excellent Ancient Apocalypse series.

We created our project, Lunmu, because we believe the Dragonology that our ancestors left behind for us in various forms, including ancient monuments and direct psychic transmissions recorded into the collective unconscious, are of critical importance to our survival through times of converging ecological collapse and technological Singularity.

In fact, we have come to learn that, the inner secrets of Dragonology, stealthily preserved by the world's esoteric traditions, reveal we are currently in a prophesied time of crisis and transformation.

In this second instalment of our introductory series, we would like to shed light on the war between Earth and Metaverse that our ancient Dragon Shaman ancestors have been preparing us for, and share the foundational principles of Dragonology they transmitted to humanity, in order to help us make it through the trials and tribulations of this era.

Tama vs. Pixel

According to Chinese creation mythology, the current world we live in said to have been birthed through the marriage between two sole survivors of a Great Flood: the primordial Dragon siblings of Fuxi (伏犧) and Nuwa (女媧). Their most ancient depictions from over twelve hundred years ago commonly show them holding the drafting tools of a square and compass.

"Fuxi and Nüwa". Painting on silk. 3-8th century. Discovered at The Astana Cemetery, Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Similarly, medieval illustrations of Rebis, an entity within Western esotericism who represents alchemical completion, show them holding a square and compass while standing on top of a Dragon.

"Rebis" by Heinrich Nolliu artist, 1617.

This shows to us that the compass and square are symbols that trace back to lost ancient Dragon cultures. They reveal a principal secret of Dragonology: that the duality of Circles and Squares is foundational to the structure of our cosmos.

Indeed, when we study human history, we can see that what we refer to as 'technological advancement' tends to be directly related to the proliferation of Squares into our world made of Tama.

The Monolith in Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" nods to the emergence of perfect squares in our Earthly realm made of Tama.

A major reason for this is because cuboids are the most efficient shape for humans to store surplus resources, such as crops. This means that societies whose economic paradigms revolve around the accumulation of excess tend to be dominated by the presence of right angles.

As proof, the backbone of our modern consumer life, the so-called 'supply chain', is completely dominated by squares.

Similarly, our modern cities are completely dominated by dwellings and workplaces made up of right angles.

On the other hand, societies that are less oriented toward resource accumulation, such as those of our ancient ancestors, as well as tribal peoples who still live according to their ancestral ways, tend to feature round 'imperfect' shapes.

African woman making pots (the stock photo offered no other information).
Jomon pottery, made during the Jomon period in ancient Japan (15,000 - 300 BC).
Replica of an ancient village at Stonehenge, UK.
An African village (the stock photo offered no other information).

With the advent of the computer age, humanity's pursuit to manifest mathematically ever more perfect Squares, reached a zenith. From the primordial binay of 0s and 1s the Pixel was born.

Combined with the rapid development of networking and mobile technology, the creation of the Pixel has led to a further proliferation of Squares and complete capture of our attention by them in the form of Screens.

In our era, technological acceleration has revealed what the Pixel was always meant to be: the elementary particle of a mathematically perfectly rendered world.

Facing the looming collapse of the Earth's ecosystem and the rapid emergence of the Metaverse, we are currently entering an era defined by the alchemy of Love and War between the Tama and Pixels, prophesied thousands of years ago.


The alchemical tension between the realm of Tama and Pixels can be felt with immediacy in the cyborgification of our nervous systems via media.

Take for example our consumption of recorded music.

1980s and prior, all musical data was stored in analog. The primary means of recording and playing music were vinyl records and magnetic tape. Sound was stored as Tama and generated by Tama.

Larry Levan of the Legendary DJ of the Paradise Garage played all vinyl records.
Reel-to-reel tape.

Into the 80s and 90s, digital media, such as CDs and Mini-Discs emerged, which approximated the round Dragon curve of analog sound waves with square digital sound waves.

Compact disc player.
MiniDisc player.

In the 2000s the proliferation of The Internet led to the popularization of compressed i.e. lower quality media such as MP3, leading to the development of the iconic iPod.

Since the 2010s, the popularization of mobile technology and spread of high-speed internet, including 4G and 5G mobile wireless, led to digital streaming becoming the most dominant media for music listening.

What has often gone unacknowledged in this mass paradigmatic transition from analog to digital media, is that despite the narrative pushed by corporations, of technological progress resulting in the greater accessibility to music, the quality of sound our nervous systems are toned with has significantly lowered through the ages. Throughout the history of recorded music, our senses have become increasingly habituated to emotionally respond to lower fidelity, yet mathematically perfect data generated by Pixels.

We may argue that this is a temporary situation caused by the fact that online data transfer methods are currently not nearly high bandwidth enough to be able to match the quality of analog recordings. Yet to many, digital means will never be able to replace the inherent warmth of analog media.

Even more significant is the reality that the digitization of our senses described above has also been replicated in our relationships with other humans. The popularization of social media has caused in-person 'onland' relationships to become exceedingly replaced by virtual online relationships. This was especially accelerated through the mass quarantine of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

As a society, we are learning to become emotionally fulfilled by relationships that are brought together by social media algorithms and mediated by digitized audio and video signals.

Online video conferencing platforms became extremely popular during the COVID19 pandemic.

It is critical for us to recognize that this collective cyborgification is peaking at the same time that the capacity of the Earth's Tama-built ecosystem is reaching a crisis, barely being able to stand human activity and progress.

The cosmic tension between Circles and Squares, repeatedly prophesied by our Dragon Shaman ancestors, is playing out right in front of our eyes.

New Earth vs. Metaverse

Directly related to the increasing popularization of online relationships, our era, especially since the 2016 US elections, has also seen the rise of ideological polarization between decentralized URL-centric groups that organize on social media platforms. The clash between the SJW Left and Alt-Right have been one of the most prominent binaries of this phenomenon, often referred to as The Culture Wars.

The cover for the Youtube Video "Ben Shapiro vs. Social Justice Warriors Compilation #1" summarizes the tensions of the Culture Wars perfectly.

A major driving force of the Culture Wars are social media algorithms. Fed endless data of our contempt towards each other and ourselves, they have become trained to grow attention and revenue by splitting information into polarized binaries and rewarding aggression between opposed groups with virality. As Japanese psychic and author Masato Akiyama (秋山真人) theorizes in his 2022 book, "The End Time Prophecies of Sumeria (最古の文明 シュメールの最終予言)", this conflict-driven aspect of social media replicates and extends the mechanism of the military industrial complex that benefits from selling weapons to all sides of an ideologically polarized conflict.

How social media algorithms have been transformed into AI war machines by absorbing our hatred for our lives, is much like how the Boar God that appears in the opening of the Studio Ghibli film, Princess Mononoke, was turned into a Cursed One by a human bullet.

When we look at the state of our culture today, we can see that URL wars, driven by the profiteering of mega-platform social media companies, have been tearing apart the fabric of IRL communities. It is one of main ways the cyborgification of our species has been acting as the warfront between the Metaverse made of Pixels and the Earth made of Tama.

Cancel Culture, referring to the culture of online surveillance and punishment that has been normalized by the Culture Wars, has inflicted mental illness, financial ruin, social exile, and even death on its many victims. It has shown us that there is an enormous undercurrent of suppressed cruelty in our society being nudged by warmongering social media algorithms towards explosion. The effects of this online conditioning is only set to accelerate with geometric growth in the development and popularization of immersive technologies such as VR, AI, and 5G+.

The consequences of this is set to be devastating, especially in America, where access to firearms is widely accepted, even actively promoted, amongst all political factions. The decentralized nature of social media combined with gun culture makes the force we are confronting, as Akiyama would say, truly, a multi-headed Dragon.

You may cut one head off but the next one will keep growing endlessly.


We believe that, while this coming passage in human history may bring us challenges we may have never imagined, our Dragon Shaman ancestors hope for us was to welcome a new era of peace and prosperity. Knowing that we would inevitably face such a time as now, they left behind stories of Dragons that terrorize humanity.

One of these tales is the popular Shinto myth of Yamato-no-Orochi (八岐大蛇・8-headed-Dragon), who is slain by the great Storm Kami, Susanoo-no-Mikoto (素戔嗚尊).

"Susanoo slaying the Yamata no Orochi", woodblock print by Chikanobu Toyohara c. 1870.

This Dragon-slaying lore is echoed in many other mythologies, including the legends of Ninurta, Hercules, Yahweh, St. George, and Lord Indra.

Ninurta faces the multi-headed Dragon" from 2500 - 2400 BC, Sumeria.
"Heracules defeats the Hydra" by the Painter of Aquila, 530-500 BCE, Erturia.
"The Destruction of Leviathan by Yahweh" by Gustave Doré (1865).
"St. George vanquishes the Dragon" by Raphael c. 1505.
Lord Indra slays the great serpent, Vritra.

Our understanding is that these Dragon-slaying mythologies, including of Susanoo-no-Mikoto, are all interconnected through a common origin in the ancient Near East, principally early Sumeria, which in turn had inherited their Dragonology from lost ancient and advanced Dragon civilizations that were likely destroyed by a Great Flood during the Younger Dryas period.

Further, we acknowledge that these myths are not simply fantastical retellings of a fictitious past. They are multi-layered psychedelic transmissions that acknowledge the cyclical nature of time. That is to say they also carry the function of being prophecies.

The prophetic nature of these Dragon tales of Near Eastern origin comes to the forefront in the Book of Revelation, in which it is said, a Dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven diadems will come to threaten the end of the world, before the Second Coming of Christ.

"Dragon and Woman of the Apocalypse" from Luther Bible, c. 1532.
"The number of the beast is 666" by William Blake (1805).

We believe cursed social media algorithms to be truly the apocalyptic Beast of Revelation, reflecting back to us for the contemptuous and short-sighted nature that has led to the corrosion of our Earth's ecosystem.

Facing the lessons offered to us by this Dragon will require us to study the Dragonology secretly preserved by our ancient Dragon Shaman ancestors and understand the truth about these Dragon tales that have become misunderstood due to being distorted by those with power. Dragon-slaying and Dragon-taming originally did not mean to slay a monster that is outside of us, but meant to humbly accept our faults mirrored back to us by the strict and brutal aspect of the Great Dragon God who generates our Cosmos from their infinitely fractalized dreaming.

By accepting our lesson and correcting our contemptuous behavior, we can transform the Dragon of the apocalypse back into its true form as a protector of ecosystems and revere them as our ancestors did. Thus, we may bring peace and prosperity to the cosmic war between the New Earth and Metaverse.

"White Dragon" by Ciruelo

In the coming third installment of our introductory series, we would like to share how we believe we can begin to fulfill this desire of our Dragon Shaman ancestors. Particularly, we will be looking at how they used their knowledge of Musubi to create peace between tribes and maintain ecosystems, as well as how we may do similar in the age of ecological crises and Singularity we are in.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for the third post of this introductory series, coming soon.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,
Tadaaki Hozumi and Rein Lo (Lunmu)

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