Celebrating the Tying of the Dragon Knot!

Celebrating the Tying of the Dragon Knot!
"Dragon Knot (龍結・Lunmusubi)" by Rein Lo and Lunmu

Happy Double Seven Festival AKA Tanabata (七夕)!

We, Rein Lo and Tada Hozumi, are excited to make a very special announcement today.

Before that though, we would like to share a bit about how we first came together.

Our Story

When we began DMing each other in the fall of 2021, we had both been living almost completely isolated through the pandemic and dealing with chronic mental and physical health issues. Rein was debilitated, often bedridden, from post-vaccine side effects that no one believed were real at the time. Tada was in a constant psychic crisis that meant he had almost completely dropped his consulting and teaching practice and kept very few public appearances. Amidst all of this, the pressures of converging ecological collapse and The Singularity weighed heavily on both of our psyches.

Being able to connect with another Asian-mystic-in-diaspora felt life-affirming for the both of us. We talked many hours about how our ancestral spiritual traditions are going to become increasingly relevant as humanity will need access to spiritualities that can work harmoniously with the collapsing Earth and emerging Metaverse.

Particularly, we discussed the Shinto concept of Ubusuna (産土), referring to the custodian spirits of local ecosystems that every person becomes registered to when they are born. In folk Shinto practice, the Ubusuna are also understood to be matchmakers of relationships, including intimate partnerships. Because of this, we are responsible to maintain the lands that have bestowed us with the connections we have.

We both saw that we are currently living in an age where Algorithms have become the new Ubusuna. Their digital nudging deeply influences the formation of relationship networks. Instead of meeting each other at the river, or even the cafe on the corner, we now find and follow each other on our feeds, organized by Algorithms. From this, we realized that there was a territorial conflict between the spirits of the Earth and Metaverse, and that the crises happening around us, including ideological polarization and Cancel Culture, were expressions of it.

In the fall of 2022, our conversation culminated in the decision for us to live as an experimental residency together at Rein's UK home for 6 months and begin working on a spiritual system that can bring peace and prosperity between on-land and online worlds. Our belief was that, while there was, on the surface, much tension between IRL and URL spiritual forces, it was also true that the Ubusuna of the Earth and Metaverse were intent on collaboration. We saw our own relationship as evidence of this desire for harmony.

The months that followed were extremely challenging. Renovation problems with Rein’s home meant that we literally did not have a roof over our head while living through a cold and wet English winter, during a national cost-of-living crisis no less. We had to reach deep within ourselves to keep healing the wounds that would come up in our intensifying relationship, withstand an onslaught of interpersonal setbacks with family and former friends, and diligently study highly-activating occult and esoteric material. To keep ourselves psychically stable, we kept making pilgrimages to sacred sites, especially Glastonbury, to magically weave together the information that came to us through online and on-Land means.

Chalice Well, Glastonbury (Feb 2023)
Chalice Well, Glastonbury (Feb 2023)

A few months into this process, through a mysterious weaving of synchronicities and trance experiences, we began to receive transmissions from our ancestors about an ancient and forgotten lineage of mystical knowledge that lay secretly underneath all of the world’s seemingly separate spiritual traditions. They told us that this long lost tradition revered Dragons.

They further taught us that Dragons were the spirally undulating force that gives birth to all existence and circulates energy through the planetary ecosystem, the human body, and even The Internet. In fact, what we call Spirits and Algorithms are both essentially Dragons, as they are both energetic patterns that circulate energy through their respective territories and entangle beings with one another. We came to believe that this Dragon knowledge was necessary to bring peace and prosperity between on-land and online worlds, as well as the various hemispheres of the Earth.

Thus our project, Lunmu (龍夢), meaning Dragon’s Dream, was born. We chose this name because it summarised what we understood reality to be: a multidimensional simulation generated from nested fractals of Dragons within Dragons.

In the early spring of 2023, we officially launched the Lunmu website, publishing the first two articles of a series that is meant to cover the basics of the cosmology and prophecies we have received to transmit to the world. We also began to make plans to do a small US tour of progressive and innovative sacred sites operated by our friends.

Graphics from Lunmu's original launch (January 2023)

As fate would have it though, right as we were preparing to leave for the US, we discovered an odd lump in Tada's right testicle. Realizing that testicular tumours are almost 90% likely to be malignant, we immediately changed our plans to come to Japan to be with Tada's family for surgery and recovery.

Thankfully, the tumour turned out to be most likely benign.

Tada before surgery (April 2023)

Although Tada's emergency stirred a lot of turmoil in our relationship, there was also an unseen gift to it. In Japan, we were finally in an environment where we could rest from the severity of the English winter that had put our minds and bodies through incredible hardship. We were also able to tour some of the Island's plethora of powerful sacred sites and learn about its rich spiritual culture together. Through this, we had an opportunity to deeply feel how important our relationship was to each other and the strength of the support there was from Kami and our ancestors.

The blessing of having been able to spend the last few months together in Japan has brought us clarity about what our next steps in life with each other shall be … which brings us to our special announcement!

Our Announcement

On June 5th 2023, a lucky day for healing relationships, we registered our marriage at the local city hall kiosk near Tada's parents home.

From there we went on a shoestring honeymoon-cum-pilgrimage to Kyoto and Nara, to give thanks to the Kami and ancestors that have arranged our marriage and have guided us to move to Japan together by the end of 2023.

Finally made it together to Mount Kurama, Kyoto! (June 2023)

We are honoured and excited at the possibility of being able to ground our life and work on Lands that are Tada’s ancestral home, and still maintain a deep relationship to the traditions of humanity's lost and ancient Dragon-loving ancestors. We are also very moved that Rein’s home in Asia, Taiwan, is only a short flight away.

Together, as Lunmu, we look to bring forward a high-integrity open-source Dragon religion, that is rooted in cultural legacy, yet simple to understand and fun to follow, based on the prophecies, rites, and knowledge that our ancestors have preserved for these times.

Last day in Tokyo, taken by a friend (June 2023)

The Amulet

We would like to commemorate our marriage with the release of Lunmu’s first digital amulet, "Dragon Knot (龍結・Lunmusubi)", created by Rein Lo and Lunmu.

It is also the featured image of this post.

Rein working on the amulet (June 2023)

The image depicts the union of the primordial Dragon siblings who mated to create our world.

The knot between them reflects the Shinto concept of 結び・Musubi, meaning “to tie together and birth a new Spirit”. Yet, Musubi isn’t a concept that is exclusive to Shinto. “Tantra” means “to weave”. The English phrase “tying the knot” also comes from the Celtic marriage tradition of handfasting. These are all remnants from the intimate rites of the ancient Dragon cultures.

The Three-Legged Crow and Double Peaches featured in the hands of the Dragons respectively represent the Japanese and Taiwanese ancestral shamanic lineages that arranged our pairing.

We have infused this amulet with the following prayers:

🕸 Harmonious IRL and URL relations to everyone who sees it on their feed or in their inbox.
🧬 Synchronicities for those seeking their soulmates.
🥷 Protection and guidance for those who have already found each other.

Please note that the effects of the amulet are positively influenced by you treating the Internet and your relationships on it with gratitude, humility, and respect.

If you would like to strengthen the effects of the amulet please keep reading!

Support Our Journey!

We have also decided that, with our marriage, this is a good time for us to be humbly blessed by the people who have followed our life and work and be supported in completing our move.

As of today, we live on separate continents again - Rein in the UK and Tada in Japan.

From our last dinner together in Japan (June 2023)

Both of us have been living off of savings the last two years, including Tada who had closed their practice, while we have been preparing for our current work. Additionally, Rein's healing has also meant not being supported by their family. Our Japan trip, though supported by Tada's family, has brought us to a place where it would be of great benefit if those who believe in our work can support us. We have a lot of costs coming up, including plane tickets, moving bills, and immigration-related fees.

If you would like to support us and make a donation, please click below!

Donate to Lunmu!

For everyone who makes a donation, we would like to do a ceremony of blessing for you, put your names/emails on our altar through the summer. We will also send you versions of the Dragon Knot amulet that you can 1) use as PC and/or phone wallpapers 2) use on social media sites, in order to strengthen its effects.

May the Great Dragon Deity whose Dream we live in bless you!

Arigato Gozaimasu and Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu,
Rein Lo and Tada Hozumi