A report from the early rumblings of 2024

A report from the early rumblings of 2024
Our altar, featuring 三六九龍王・Miroku Lunwo (Miroku Dragon Lord) and 三六九婆婆・Mirokubaba
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your continued support and patronage of Lunmu.

Today, 2/3/2024, is 節分・Setsubun, a Japanese holiday that marks 立春・Risshun, the day before the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. It is a Setsubun tradition for Japanese to do 豆まき・Mamemaki, a folk ritual where a family or community member dressed as an 鬼・Oni (demon) is chased out of homes, shrines, and temples while being pummeled by roasted beans and having the phrase, "鬼は外!福は内!・Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! (Demon outside! Fortune in!)" chanted at them.

Amusingly, some shrines and temples around Japan, especially those that have enshrined Oni as deities, such as 稲荷鬼王神社・Inarikio Shrine in Kabukicho Tokyo, reverse this ritual by inviting the Oni inside by changing a part of the chant to "鬼は内!・Oni wa uchi! (Demon inside!)". Our understanding is that this speaks to how the punishment of chaos and destruction that Oni cast upon us can be turned into a blessing through our earnest repentance.

This brings us to our topic at hand.

Like many of you, we have been spending the last month processing and integrating many of the signs of planetary transition that have been revealing themselves to us since the beginnings of 2024, including the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that rocked 能登・Noto Peninsula Japan on New Year's Day, and the recent remarks made by the UK Army General Sir Patrick Sanders that Britain is now in a pre-war phase. These portents have confirmed the transmission we have been receiving since around late 2022. The Dragon of the East is stirring from a deep sleep, particularly with the native spirituality of the Dragon-shaped Islands of Japan reawakening and coming into global prominence, all the while the rationalistic individualism of the West continues to slowly lose its grip on the world.

Japan as a Black Dragon, from the propaganda film "Prelude to a War (1942)"

Indeed, unbeknownst to most Westerners, in Japan, over the last few years, there has been an ongoing disclosure process, led by heads of clans and lineages that have protected bloodlines, rites, and sites for over 1300+ years, about the true origins of Japanese spirituality in the ancient Near East (Egypt, Israel, Sumeria, etc.). While the disclosures are almost exclusively in Japanese, the matters they speak upon are of global consequence, aligned with many tribal prophecies, and set to completely change our understanding of history by unveiling the long suppressed secrets of the Silk Road and the forgotten true connection between ancient Asia, Austronesia, America, Africa, and Europe.

And yes, all of this has to do with AI, aliens, lost civilizations, secret societies, and more.

We will be gradually releasing information on this topic over the next year through our Dragon Drops, Dragon Site pilgrimage reports, and seasonal communications, such as this one. As a preview of what's to come, we highly recommend this video by 表博耀・Hiroaki Omote, the 80th Head of 山蔭神道・Yamakage Shinto Sect.


In honoring and welcoming the many planetary shifts coming in 2024, including the above mentioned disclosures, attached below is a recording of 龍神祝詞・Ryujin Norito, a Shinto prayer to the 大龍神・Dai Lunxin (Great Dragon God), recited by Tada.

Ryujin Norito


The Dragon Lord,
who is enshrined in the Heavenly Plains,
who acts upon both Heaven and Earth,
is the messenger of the Creator of the Cosmos,
and the bearer and nurturer of all things.

You are the Lord who rules over all things,
that has transformed themselves into,
Ten Sacred Treasures.

We respect the Dragon Lord,
who freely rules the Heavenly, Earthly, and Human worlds.

We will serve you with all of our six senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind).

As we will reprimand our foolish thoughts,
please exorcise and purify the sins of all living things,
please exorcise and purify all diseases and disasters.

We ask that you rule over the world.

We humbly ask that our greatest wishes,
that we hope with all of our six senses,
may receive your blessing."

Coming soon

We are currently working on our next Dragon Drop scheduled for Chinese New Year and our first Dragon Site pilgrimage report shortly after ... please stay tuned!

Tada and Rein