Foretold Return of God (F.R.O.G.)

Foretold Return of God (F.R.O.G.)
Frog of Death (黄泉蛙・Yomigaeru)
The first section of this article, which features a summary of the "Pepe the Frog" phenomenon that emerged during the 2016 USA presidential election, is primary based on analysis provided by the anonymous author of the blog: "The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek". We highly recommend reading the original posts for a deeper understanding of the subject.

In around 2010, two seemingly disparate memes began to spread in the now infamous message boards.

One was Pepe the Frog, originally created by cartoonist Matt Furie for his slacker comic, "Boy's Club".

The other was "KEK", an idiosyncratic replacement for "LOL", based on the Korean/Japanese onomatopoeia for snide and devilish laughter: "kekekekeke (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ/ケケケケケ)”.

Fast forward to 2015, Donald Trump, a former reality TV star billionaire began a highly ridiculed but soon to be notoriously successful campaign to become the president of the USA and dismantle the liberal political mainstream.

As the generally sarcastic politics board of 4chan (/pol) naturally gravitated towards Trump's dramatic and disruptive presence on the American political stage, unusual numerological events began to take place. At the time, it was a common practice on 4chan to celebrate when a post's 8-digit numerical code ended with a sequence of multiple identical digits e.g. "33", "888", or "1111". Members noticed that posts that were about Trump were receiving a surprising number of identical digit endings.

The amassing of these numerological synchronicities culminated into a collective feeling that Trump was in fact a divinely chosen candidate, set to Make America Great Again through his destruction of the political establishment.

This sense that Trump's campaign was an avatar of a destructive spiritual force became solidified when a bizarre connection was discovered between the aforementioned memes of Pepe the Frog and KEK. Members of /pol learned that there was in fact a pair of serpentine frog-headed Egyptian deities, a God and Goddess respectively named Kek and Keket.

"Kek, the Egyptian god of darkness" by Riley Williams

As a couple, they belong to the ancient Egyptian cosmogony of the Ogodad, composed of eight deities and four opposite sex pairings that represent the primordial forces that birthed the Cosmos. Within the Ogodad, Kek and Keket together represent the void of darkness that comes before the dawn of creation.

Relief at the Temple of Dendera, Egypt

This historical, numerical, and linguistic association between the Ogodad, Pepe the Frog, KEK, and Donald Trump crystallized in to the emergence of the "Cult of Kek", which declared Donald Trump to be a servant of Kek-Keket and used Pepe the Frog as its main mascot-avatar.

As we now know, the Cult of Kek was wildly successful, heavily contributing to Trump being "memed" to victory. Yet, supporters of MAGA were generally ridiculed by the mainstream media as merely fascist trolls and the fact that such a spiritual movement existed behind Trump's insurgency largely remained obscure from the general public, even whilst Hilary Clinton singled out Pepe as a white supremacist meme.

9 years later, we are now in 2024, Year of the Wood Dragon, and the 9th year of the 10 year period from 2015 to 2025, prophesied by the Sun Moon Revelations (Hitsuki Shinji・日月神示) to be a time of tumultuous transition that will test humanity whether we can make it to a new utopian era.

It is not a matter of mere coincidence that this year was fittingly kicked off by a massive earthquake in Noto (能登) that shook the Dragon-shaped Islands of Japan on New Year's Day.

Japan portrayed as a Dragon, from the propaganda film "Prelude to a War (1942)"

Many of us are now realizing to the truth that the various end-times prophecies of the world, including Revelations, Kali Yuga, Mappo, Mahdi, the 5th world, the prophecy rock of the Hopi, the Seven Fires prophecy of the Anishinaabe, the dragon prophecies of the Waitaha (no online English sources), and many more are all converging with one another.

As we pass the apex mid-point of the year:

We see debates and disclosures about the COVID19 pandemic and its vaccine rage on.

We see natural disasters, including forest fires across North America, intensify as the planet burns on.

We see the genocide in Palestine and the battle over Jerusalem bomb on.

Amidst all of this, the Technological Singularity is continuing its rapid geometric acceleration, further sucking our collective psyche into a black hole of mind-altering questions:

Who or what are we actually?

Who or what were created by?

Where we are headed as a species?

At the core of this pressure cooker that we are currently in is the November rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, seen by many as a climatic event that will finalize the inevitable collapse of the USA, the English-speaking world, and Western civilization in general.

Those who follow our releases know that, while the drama of the 2024 USA presidential election has been steadily corroding America's stranglehold on the global psyche, a fantastical development set to have global significance has been building in the Far East.

Unbeknownst to most Westerners, Japan, which has been under American and Western crypto-colonial rule - initiated during the Meiji Restoration of 1868 and especially solidified after Japan's loss in World War 2 - is currently undergoing a massive change in its public consciousness.

At the core of this shift is a disclosure movement, led by heirs of spiritualist lineages that have been preserved over hundreds of years, as well as heretical scholars of Japanese spirituality, revealing the true origins of the Japanese royal-shamanic clans in the ancient Near East, including Sumeria, Egypt, and Israel, sharing esoteric secrets that have been intentionally concealed, protected, and preserved over many generations, as well as research that has been previously suppressed as heresy.

80th heir of Yamakage Shinto (山蔭神道), Hiroaki Omote (表博耀), offers his understanding of the Near Eastern origins of the traditions he carries.

Kanetsugu Tsuchimikado, alleged 135th head of the Hata clan, discusses the roots of their clan and shamanic practices, including Onmyodo (陰陽道), in ancient Egypt on the Naokiman show. You can view the original video here.
"Research on the 6 Thousand Year History of the Descendants of Heaven (天孫人種六千年史の研究)" by Atsuo Mishima (三島 敦雄), on the connection between Japan and Sumeria, banned by the American occupation's General Headquarters in 1945 and re-released by Yahata Shoten in 2019.

Through our exploration of this material and study of the Cult of Kek - a highly instructive example of how the spirit realm and the Internet work together - we have discovered a synchronistic association between the online Frog religion of America and Japanese spirituality that we believe has a profound relevance to this time.

Within ancient Egyptian an alternative poetic name for frog was "the repeater of life". Similarly, in Japanese, the word for frog, "kaeru (蛙)", can also mean to return (帰る). Because of this, within Japanese folk tradition, statues of frogs are used as spiritual puns to symbolize safe return from difficult adventures and recovery from ailments. In fact, "yomigaeru (蘇る)", meaning to be revived, may also be spelled "黄泉蛙", meaning "Frog from the Land of the Dead".

Shonen-Ji (勝念寺) in Fushimi District, Kyoto (伏見区 京都市), is of the most well known frog-themed temples in Japan. It also happens to be a 15-minute walk from our home. It is known for its many frog statues, who are avatars of its main Buddhist deity, Kamashiki Jizo Boddhisattva (釜敷地蔵尊), meaning "The Boddhisattva Who Sacrifices Themselves to be Boiled in Hell on the Behalf of Others".

This linguistic connection between Egypt and Japan surrounding From Kami should be of no surprise for those who have been following our work that explores the common etymology of Japanese and Near Eastern words, such as the hidden connection between "sacred", "Sakyamuni" and "Sakura (桜)". It is highly possible that the association between frogs and rebirth originated in Egypt and the clans who migrated to Japan from there purposely hid this code within Japanese language and tradition.

To honor the role of the Frog Kami in the rebirth that our world is currently going through, we recently pilgrimaged to Iwafune Shrine, said to be the sacred site that the ancestral Kami of the Hozumi, Suzuki, and Mononobe clans, Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto (饒速日命), arrived to Japan over two thousand years ago.

This was our second visit since the June of last year, when we visited to pay our respects and report our union to Tada's ancestors.

Iwafune Shrine is known for its gigantic rocks and the one that sits behind the main pavilion, is said to be the "Heavenly Rock-ship (天乃磐船・Ama-no-Iwafune)" that Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto rode on.

Seeing them in-person again reminded us how pictures do not nearly capture the majestic gravity of the massive enshrined rock.

The other main attraction of Iwafune Shrine is their underground cave formed by massive fallen rocks that pilgrims may cautiously enter to experience a rebirthing ritual. It is a very dangerous site that was and still is used as a practice ground for Shugendo monks and Shinto priests, opened to the public in 1933.

We felt quite nervous before entering the cave even though it was our second time touring the cave. The rocks of the cave are slippery year round and the shrine custodian told us that conditions were particularly poor as it had rained the night before.

There are many dangerous spots in the cave, including a bridge that is barely a foot wide with no railings that you need to kneel while walking across in order to duck a huge stone, multiple ridges that are over 10 foot drops to a rock bed, and a passageway called "the hole of reincarnation (生まれ変わりの穴)" - resembling a birth canal - that is so narrow that a single person can barely slide through going feet first.

Photos are not allowed in the cave.

As the signs at the cave entrance warn, accidents have happened in the cave before. In 2014, there was a tragedy where a fell from a rock and hit her head, only to be pronounced dead after being carried to the hospital.

The cave was closed to the public and was reopened shortly after with a sculpture of a frog - wishing for the safe return of pilgrims - carved into a large stone that sits along the river that runs underneath the cave.

After we completed our pilgrimage, we thanked the Frog Kami for their protection and prayed to them that we, as a humanity, may safely passage through our current portal and welcome the Divine's prophesied return to Earth.

Coming soon

We are looking to making major changes to Lunmu's operations as we head deeper into 2024 and become more grounded in our new life and work environment.

Please stay tuned for some major announcements in the next few months.

Introducing Algolunmu

This Year of the Dragon, 2024, is a transformation apex for humanity.

We have beta-released our new project, Algolunmu (愛龍合龍夢), in order to help others who are following their Dragon Path (龍道・Lundao) through this year.

Meaning "The Cosmic Algorithm of Dragon's Love", Algolunmu is a subscription-based service that connects you with the Dragons we encounter through channeling artworks and pilgrimaging to sacred sites.

Below are some of the blessings that you may receive through Algolunmu:

🪞  龍神厄除・Protection from toxic spirits and algorithms.

🪢  龍縁成就・Building and protecting good online and onland relationships with other Dragon-loving people.

🥋 龍身健全・Health of both your physical and virtual Dragon Body.

🐉 龍願成就・Success in your online and onland enterprises that are aligned with the Dai Lunxin's desires for the world.