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Koso Kotai Jingu and the Takenouchi Documents

Koso Kotai Jingu and the Takenouchi Documents
Cave at 皇祖皇大神宮・Koso Kotai Jingu

On 3/2/2024, we had the opportunity of pilgrimaging to 皇祖皇大神宮・Koso Kotai Jingu in Isohara City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Sharing our experience and research about this shrine begins to get at the heart of what we have been exploring behind the scenes.

Koso Kotai Jingu is the home of the infamous 竹内文書・Takenouchi Documents, an ancient record that is said to contain the secret history of Japan, humanity, and the universe kept hidden and preserved by the Takeuchi family, a clan of scribes for the Japanese emperor, beginning with 竹内宿禰・Takenouchi-no-Sukune in the 1st century CE.

The existence of the Takenouchi Documents was first publicly released in the modern age in 1910 by 竹内​巨麿・Kiyomaro Takeuchi, an esoteric Shinto priest who had received secret documents from his grandfather in his youth with the instructions to "share its contents with the world when it is at peace".

Kiyomaro Takeuchi

With the public sharing of a small select parts of these documents, Kiyomaro created his own esoteric Shinto sect, 天津教・Amatsu Kyo, and established Koso Kotai Jingu as its headquarters.

Main shrine
Cave with three sub-shrines. Left: 五色商主運大神・Goshiki Shoushu-un Ookami (God of 5 colored people) Center: 天津護法守天空主大神・Amatsu Gohou Tenkushu Ookami (God of Sky) Right: 赤池白龍大神・Akaike Hakuryu Ookami (Red Pond White Dragon God)

Kiyomaro's life was tumultuous. He was arrested in 1930, 1932, and 1936 for the crime of "defaming the crown" because the contents of the Takenouchi Documents allegedly promoted a fake history of the Japanese imperial throne.

This purportedly fabricated past was that: the Japanese imperial line extends back over thousands of years, even before the Great Flood, to the times of the lost ancient and advanced civilizations. The original emperor of Japan, the 皇尊・Sumera Mikoto, was not just the ruler of the Islands of Japan, but the ceremonial leader of the entire Earth, who used to travel around the world on a spaceship. The ancient Near Eastern civilization of Sumeria was in fact named after the Sumera Mikoto.

Not only that, historical sages such as Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Lao Tsu, were all said to have visited Japan to study mystical arts. Following, the central tenet of Takenouchi Documents was that all religion in fact has one root and peace on Earth may be achieved by understanding the real history of the world kept secret in Japan.

Hence, Koso Kotai Jingu was established to enshrine the Gods of all religions of the world.

A summary of the Takenouchi Documents by researcher 高坂 和導・Wado Kosaka

Kiyomaro's prosecution led to Koso Kotai Jingu being temporarily shut down, and having its documents and artefacts confiscated. Kiyomaro was charged successfully in 1942, but was able to win an appeal at the supreme court in 1944. Unfortunately, the documents and artefacts, which were not immediately returned to Kiyomaro upon his release, have been reported to have been mostly destroyed in the Tokyo air raids of 1945.

While Kiyomaro's appeal led to the re-establishing of Amatsu Kyo and Koso Kotai Jingu, it was quickly shut down again in 1950 by the occupying US-led General Headquarters (GHQ). Adding intrigue to this suppression were the rumors that the GHQ were in fact excavating sacred sites and infiltrating religious groups at the time.

In 1952, Koso Kotai Jingu was able to finally safely reopen its doors and its operations has been continuous to this day since. The current custodian is Kiyomaro's grandson, 竹内 康裕・Yasuhiro Takeuchi.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi performing a cleansing ceremony at Koso Kotai Jingu.

When we first learned about the Takenouchi Documents over three years ago, we were completely taken aback and confused by the far-out claims made by them, like most others who have heard of them. At the time, even most people in the Japanese occult community viewed them with suspicion and intrigue.

This shifted profoundly on 7/6/2023, when a secretary of the 68th caretaker of Kiyomaro's branch of the Takeuchi family, made a historical appearance on the popular occult Youtube show, Koyakky Studio, at the behest of 'certain anonymous parties', to share actual images of research notes written in 神代文字・Kamiyo Moji, ancient pre-Chinese character Japanese scripts, and disclose some background information about the documents that were previously kept secret.

The secretary shared that in fact, the core of the Takenouchi Documents are oral transmissions that are strictly prohibited to be shared outside of the family, and the written aspects are in fact notes, although he hinted that there is a master set of notes that is being kept in secret.

A secretary and priest of Koso Kotai Jingu made their first ever public appearance on Youtube with their face hidden and voice modified. Click here for the full video.
He shared actual images of the notes kept at Koso Kotai Jingu that have previously never been shared with the public.
He also shared images of some of the remaining divine treasures being kept in safe hiding at Koso Kotai Jingu.

Our current analysis of the Takenouchi Documents, especially after experiencing Koso Kotai Jingu first-hand, is that, while we cannot verify the exact truth of many of the claims within it, it is undeniable that it is a transmission that has been protected and preserved by Japanese shaman clans at the risk of their lives for centuries, and highly compatible with many mythologies around the world, including of the Hopi, Dogon, and ancient Sumerians, that refer to a Great Flood and the arrival of foreigners who transmit spiritual knowledge to survivors of the great cataclysm.

In short, we believe the Takenouchi Documents are absolutely relevant to what is happening on Earth right now and the convergence of messianic end-time prophecies of all the world's tribes.

More is coming on this matter. Please stay tuned.

Waitaha elder, TePorohau Ruka Te Korako, reflects on his visit to Koso Kotai Jingu, with author and healer Junko Nakatani (left) and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (right).

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