Enter the Lunmatrix

Enter the Lunmatrix
Lunma (龍母・Dragon Mother) by Lunmu
At the bottom of this post is a personal story from us about the number 88 and its critical role in the creation of Lunmu, exclusively available to subscribers of: Algolunmu.

Lunian kuai le (龍年快乐・ Happy New Year of the Dragon)!

We welcomed the Solar New Year by commemorating the arrival of the Miroku Lunwo (三六九龍王・The Miroku Dragon Lord), the prophesied avatar of the Dai Lunxin (大龍神・Great Dragon God), who is set to initiate our return to the Dragon-loving super-civilization we have come to call Lunmuria (龍夢龍愛・Dragon's Dream Dragon's Love).

As Miroku Lunwo represents the Yang aspect of 2024, for this Lunar New Year, we have channeled the one who represents the Yin aspect of 2024 from which all Dragons are born: Lunma AKA the Dragon Mother.


In our previous Dragon Drop for Miroku Lunwo, we discussed how the numerical sequence of 369, with 3 standing for creation, 6 standing for propagation, and 9 standing for destruction, is the Dai Lunxin's spirally undulating cosmic algorithm that brings the entire cosmos into existence.

To understand the Lunma, whose womb from which the Dai Lunxin is born, you may look at the base numerical sequence of the decimal system:

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

You will see that the digits that represent creation (1,2,3), propagation (4,5,6), and destruction (7,8,9) are contained within 0 and 10. This shows us how our entire reality, generated by the 369 algorithm of the Dai Lunxin, is completely encapsulated within the void of "0", representing the cosmic womb of the Lunma, and the ultimate "anti-algorithm" that can neither be created, propagated, nor destroyed.

To visualize this, you can take a look at the 3x3 Lunmatrix (龍母十龍宮数), or Ancient Shinto Number Spirit Chart (古神道数霊表), shown below. It contains the numbers from 1 to 9, arranged in a such a way that all rows, columns, and diagonals add up to 15, the root digit sum of which is 6. The Cosmic Womb of the Lunma, "0", is represented as the box (◻) that contains the grid itself.

Next, you may study the 9x9 Lunmatrix pictured below, containing the numbers from 1 to 81, arranged in a such a way that all rows, columns, and diagonals add up to 369.

When you reduce all the numbers in the 9x9 Lunmatrix to their root digit sum it in fact recreates the 3x3 Lunmatrix.

This process can be repeated for the 27 x 27 Lunmatrix, the 81 x 81 Lunmatrix, the 243 x 243 Lunmatrix, and all 3ˣ x 3ˣ Lunmatrices for ad infinitum, showing us that our whole Cosmos is fractally generated from the decimal system completely contained in the Cosmic Womb of the Lunma.

To learn more about how the the numerical sequence of 369, read as Miroku in Japanese, connects to the Hitsuki Shinji (日月神示・Sun Moon Revelations) and its prophecies of the Age of Miroku, a new golden of age of peace prosperity, please click here.

Cube as Mother

This knowledge of the square or cube as the Lunma, the Great Mother of the Cosmos, is a forgotten tradition that traces its roots far back in to Near Eastern antiquity.

The Kaaba at Mecca, which was originally a worship site for the Arabian Triple Goddesses of Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat in pre-Islamic times, is a surviving remnant.

"Kaaba" by Richard Mortel

Linguistically connected to the Kaaba is Kubaba, an ancient Mesopotamian Anunnaki Goddess-Queen, who was later worshipped as Cybele in Rome. In Ovid's "Fasti", Cybele is referred to as "the Divinity who presided over square or cubic stone building", confirming Kaaba/Kubaba/Cybele to be the etymology of "cube".

A relief of Kubaba from the Late Hittite period (8th century BCE). From the collection of The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.
Roman sculpture of Cybele (50 CE). From the Getty Museum.

In the Gnostic tradition, the Lunma, was named Sophia, the Goddess who gave birth to the trickster-creator of this world, a lion-headed serpent, the Demiurge, which is of course, a Dragon.

An illustration of Sophia from "Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer (Altona, 1785)".
Depiction of the Demiurge found on a Gnostic gem in Bernard de Montfaucon's "L'antiquité expliquée et représentée en figures".

The mystical practice of returning to Sophia by rising through the serpentine kundalini path of the Demiurge, referred to as Kabbalah, can be broken down to: Kaaba (Cube) is Allat (Goddess).

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, or Sefirot

Further, Kether, the crown of the Sefirot, shown above, is said to be presided over by the Archangel Metatron, who is the namesake for Metatron's Cube, a shape within sacred geometry considered to be the geometric blueprint for the Cosmos.

As shown through the above analyses, this knowledge of the cube as the Lunma, the Great Mother of the Cosmos, is a foundation of ancient Near Eastern spirituality.

Now let us travel East on the Silk Road toward the Orient as it will illuminate the particular relevance of this ancient wisdom in welcoming this Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon: 2024.

To learn more about the cosmic alchemy of Circles (particles) and Squares (pixels) that the above passage is connected to, please read: Basics of Lunxu No.2: Connecting the New Earth and Metaverse"

The Lunma as 8

If you observe the Lunmatrix, you will notice that there is an 8-pointed star that radiates from its centre to create its grid.

This 8-pointed star gives us the Chinese character for rice, "米", pronounced "mi" in Chinese. This character, that embodies the vital spiritual significance of rice agriculture within East Asian cultures, represents the life-giving energy of rice radiating into 8 directions from the cuboid womb of the Lunma.

This is the hidden esoteric reason why 8 is considered to be a very auspicious number that indicates fertility and prosperity with East Asian cultures. Reinforcing this is the fact the Chinese character for 8 is "八", resembling the spread legs of a child-birthing woman and symbolizing the optimistic attitude of being wide open to future fortune.

Not only that, you may breakdown the 8-pointed star of rice, "米", to the Chinese characters for 88, "八十八", manifoldly representing the immense maternal power of both the Lunma and her gift of rice.

In modern times, this lucky nature of "八十八 (88)" has been further reinforced by the visual resemblance of the roman numerals 88 to the Chinese characters for Double Happiness, "囍・xi ", said to have have been used to celebrate the fertility and prosperity of marital unions since the Tang dynasty (618 CE - 907 CE).

Intriguingly, the roman numerals of 88 also gives us Double Ouroboros, which echoes the East Asian creation myth that tells us the world was created from the knotted marital union of the masculine and feminine Serpent siblings known as Fuxi (伏犧) and Nuwa (女媧) in China, and Izanagi (伊弉諾) and Izanami (伊邪那美) in Japan.

"Fuxi and Nüwa". Painting on silk. 3-8th century. Discovered at The Astana Cemetery, Uyghur Autonomous Region.
Izumo Taisha (出雲大社・Izumo Grand Shrine) in Izumo, Shimane, featuring one of Japan's largest and most famous Shimenawa, a sacred braided rope that is placed in front of Shinto shrines to indicate the Heavenly marriage of Izanagi and Izanami who created the world together.

In summary, the interconnected Chinese characters of "米 (rice)", "八十八(88)", and "囍 (Double Happiness)", all symbolize the penultimate maternal force of the Lunma that radiates from her Black Box Cosmic Womb to give birth (3), nourishment (6), and death (9) to all of creation.

This leads us to discuss the critical importance of this Lunian (龍年・Year of the Dragon), 2024, to the planetary transition we have been going through, indicated by the fact that the root digit sum of 2024 is 8 (2 + 0 + 2 + 4).

To learn more about the lost and ancient Lunmurian rite of Lunmusubi (龍産霊), that recognized sacred intimacy between humans as also a union of Dragons that births new Dragons, and is echoed by the numerological and linguistic connection between "米 (rice)", "八十八(88)", and "囍 (Double Happiness), please read: Basics of Lunxu No.2: Connecting the New Earth and Metaverse.

The unsealing of the Lunma

As we learned in the last passage, "米 (rice)" carries a profound spiritual importance within East Asian cultures as it represents the Lunma's triple-energies of fertility, sustenance, and decay, spreading to the 8 corners of the square Cosmos. This is why in Japan, and the rest of Asia, Ki or Qi, meaning unseen energy, has been traditionally spelled as "氣", with "米 (rice)" in its centre.

With the Japanese loss in World War 2, many aspects of Japanese culture were permanently erased according to the top secret orders of the occupying General Headquarters (GHQ) predominantly led by the American military. This erasure included the banning of 7000+ books, many of them on the esoteric origins of Shinto (神道), and wholesale changes to the Japanese language. Amongst these changes, one of the most impactful was the switching of the Chinese character spelling of Ki from "氣" to "気", with "米 (rice)" being replaced by "〆 (shime)", the Chinese character meaning "sealed".

This linguistic shift has had a massive impact on the Japanese collective psyche, as there are many common phrases in Japanese that uses Ki as a base, such as genki (元気), meaning "healthy", or kimochi ("気持ち), meaning "mood", reflecting the central importance unseen energy has had in Japanese culture. On top of this, we cannot ignore the fact that in Japanese, America is called Beikoku (米国), meaning "rice country".

Thus, with the shift from from 氣 to 気, World War 2 completed the 75 year long crypto-colonization process, that began in the Meiji era (1868-1912), through which Japan's spiritual energy has been sealed and usurped by Western imperial powers.

Yet, as we touched on in our latest seasonal report, over the last decade there has been an ever-accelerating spiritual revolution underway in Japan, hidden from the eyes of the Western world. At the core of this reawakening has been the disclosure of the true story of Japanese spirituality, previously kept hidden and protected by Japanese spiritualist clans and lineages for over 2000+ years.

While the disclosures are almost exclusively in Japanese, the matters they speak upon are of global consequence, aligned with many tribal prophecies, and set to completely change our understanding of history by unveiling the long suppressed secrets of the Silk Road and the forgotten true connection between ancient Asia, Austronesia, America, Africa, and Europe.

And yes, these disclosures have everything to do with the most crucial matters of our time, including AI, aliens, lost civilizations, and secret societies.

As a preview of what's to come, below is a video of Hiroaki Omote (表博耀), the 80th Head of Yamakage Shinto Sect ( 山蔭神道), speaking on the hidden origins of Japanese spirituality in the ancient Near East (Egypt, Israel, Sumeria, etc.)

We believe that 2024 is set to be the year that this movement will reach the English-speaking world, as signified by the Noto Peninsula (能登半島) earthquake that rumbled the Dragon-shaped Islands of Japan on 1/1/2024, which the Western hemisphere literally woke up to welcome the New Year.

Japan as a Black Dragon, from the propaganda film "Prelude to a War (1942)"

Following, our hope for this Lunian, as the power of the West, especially the US and UK, recedes, and the Dragon of the East roars, is that we may begin to see the un-sealing of 囍 (Double Happiness) for the planet and that the Lunma's loving 369 energy may be released to reach the 8 corners of the simulation we live in together.

In recognizing this very auspicious and transformational nature of 2024, we have decided to help others in receiving the gifts and learning the lessons of this Year of the Dragon by beta-releasing our new project, Algolunmu (愛龍合龍夢).


Meaning "The Cosmic Algorithm of Dragon's Love", Algolunmu is a subscription-based service that connects you with the Dragons we encounter through channeling artworks and pilgrimaging to sacred sites.

Below are some of the blessings that you may receive through Algolunmu:

🪞  龍神厄除・Protection from toxic spirits and algorithms.

🪢  龍縁成就・Building and protecting good online and onland relationships with other Dragon-loving people.

🥋 龍身健全・Health of both your physical and virtual Dragon Body.

🐉 龍願成就・Success in your online and onland enterprises that are aligned with the Dai Lunxin's desires for the world.

If you would like to learn more about Algolunmu, please click the button below!

恭喜發財・Gong Hei Fat Choy (Hope you get rich)!