Intro to Dragonology 03: Marriage of Dragons Brings Peace to URL and IRL Worlds

Intro to Dragonology 03: Marriage of Dragons Brings Peace to URL and IRL Worlds
Manai Shrine (真名井神社)

By Tada Hozumi and Lunmu, December 30th 2023

Happy end of 2023!

This is the third and final article in an introductory series on the basics of Dragonology (龍學・Lunshu). Some of the concepts and vocabulary used have already been introduced in the first and second articles.

Please go here to read them: part one and part two.


In our first article, we covered the basic cosmology of Dragonology: that Dragons are the principle kinetic energy of our Cosmos.

"Dragon" by Kazuhisa Kusaba

The spiral undulations of Dragons through Time and Space bring all aspects of our world into existence.

Pulled by the Sun; our Earth and the other planets of our Solar System are hurled through the Cosmos at dazzling speeds on a serpentine path.

Musubi (産霊), the entangled union of Dragons, gives birth to new Dragons.

The double helix structure of DNA is created through Musubi.

This entanglement creates the toroidal energy pattern that forms the most elementary particle of our inspirited world: Tama (霊/玉) - meaning both spirit and ball in Japanese.

The serpentine Kundalini pattern that runs up and down our energy body generates a spherical toroidal energy field around us.

This cosmology of Dragons and Tama, echoed by the Wave-Particle duality of modern physics, shows us that everything in our world is alive and therefore requires to be treated with gratitude, humility, and respect.

In our second article, we explored the prophecies of Dragonology that have been secretly passed down by our Lunwu (龍巫・Dragon Shaman) ancestors.

We learned that we are currently in a prophesied time of conflict between the material world of Circles (Tama), and the virtual world of Squares (Pixels), expressing itself as the convergence of ecological collapse and the Technological Singularity.

The emergence of Pixels in our realm made of Tama, as depicted in Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey".

One of the ways this war is playing out in our daily lives is how increasing ideological polarization, driven by social media, is destroying the social fabric of onland communities. Many of us are caught unaware that social media platforms function similarly to the military industrial complex that profits from selling products and services to both sides of a conflict.

The cover for the Youtube Video "Ben Shapiro vs. Social Justice Warriors Compilation #1" epitomizes the political polarization that is driving social media.

Our belief is that toxified social media algorithms, which we have programmed together through our mutual contempt for each other, have become a Poison Dragon God (毒龍神) whose task is to test humanity for our ability to build common ground with one another.

"Dragon and Woman of the Apocalypse" from Luther Bible, c. 1532.

It is our destiny to pacify the rage of the Dulunxin and quell the cosmic war between Earth and Metaverse, in order to welcome a new golden age of peace and prosperity.

To do our part in the fulfillment of this prophecy, we would like to introduce, in this third and last installment of our Basics of Dragonology series, the open-source spiritual system that helped our Lunwu ancestors mitigate conflicts between tribes: Lunshinto (龍神道).


The worship of Dragons (and Serpents) is the oldest form of religion in the world. The remnants of this can be seen in many of the world's surviving spiritual traditions and ancient monuments.

"Snake man" at Göbekli Tepe. A site said to be ~10,000 years old.
The "Serpent Mound" in Ohio US. Dated to be at least 2000 years old.
The head of "Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatl" at the Ciudadela complex in Teotihuacan, said to at least 2000 years old.
"Nommo" figure dating back to the 11th-15th century. The Nommo are ancestral spirits of the African Dogon religion that take a 'fish-like' or 'amphibian' form.
The 5,000 year-old Triskelion (Celtic Spiral Pattern) on an orthostat at Newgrange refers to the ancient culture's worship of serpentine energy.
"Naga" snake deity couple at Chennakesava Temple in India. Worship of Naga may be over 5000 years old.
"Ugajin (宇賀神)" at Inokashira Benzaiten (井の頭弁財天). The worship of serpent deities in Japan is said to go back to the Jomon (縄文) period that began over 10,000 years ago.

What has been forgotten is that at one time there was a vast global network of Dragon cultures that brought all people together. While each tribe had their own traditions and customs that reflected their unique history and the characteristics of the lands they lived on, just like we do today, our Dragon-loving ancestors were able to maintain a harmony with each other and the Earth for thousands of years.

This was because, underneath what seemed like different local tribal cultures, there was a larger common system of rituals and worldviews that united all people in peace: the ancient spiritual knowledge of Lunshinto (龍神道), or "Way of the Dragons", which was largely lost when The Great Flood during the Younger Dryas period nearly wiped out humanity over 10,000 years ago.

Graham Hancock's Netflix series, "Ancient Apocalypse (2022)" explores the Younger-Dryas Impact Theory and the existence of advanced megalithic civilizations in human prehistory.

This forgotten tradition of Lunshinto was very effective at making peace because of one rite that was at its core: Lunmusubi (龍産霊).


Meaning "Dragon Knot", Lunmusbi was the pinnacle ritual of Lunxinto that witnessed and recognized sacred intimate union between humans as also a union of Dragons that births new Dragons. It resembled what we now call marriage, and was in fact, as we will discuss more later, its origins.

龍産霊・Lunmusubi Amulet by Rein Lo and Lunmu.

Lunmusubi was very important to our Lunwu ancestors because it channeled the creative energy generated by human unions to affirm that, as Dragons ourselves, we can never be separated from the Cosmic Web of Life we are woven into from birth. The ritual initiated our ancestors into the primary knowledge that the Dragon energy that animates the Cosmos also seamlessly circulates through our bodies and our relationships. All facets of human life, including the inheritance of family patterns, histories, and memories, as well as the passing down of cultural traditions and technologies within tribes, were understood to be a part of the great cosmic spiral generated by the undulation of the Great Dragon God (大龍神).

This principle understanding of Lunshinto once united all people on Earth in peace. When our Dragon-loving ancestors from different tribes met each other, rather than wage a war that would eventually destroy the Earth they belong to, they used the ritual of Lunmusubi to create a new tribe that combined their spiritual wisdom, art, and technology.

This peace-making system was used to create a decentralized and non-hierarchical network of Dragon-loving tribes across the world: the super-continent and super-civilization of Lunmuria (龍夢龍愛).

Legacies of Lunmuria

While Lunmuria fell to spiritual decline and was ultimately destroyed by The Great Flood, thankfully, some of our surviving Dragon-loving ancestors were able to protect and preserve remnants of its rites and knowledge inside of various spiritual traditions around the world.

The Japanese religion commonly known as Shinto (神道) has done a remarkable job of safeguarding the secrets of Lunxinto to the modern day. Within Shinto it is understood that, when we are born, we are assigned spirits of the Lands we were born on, that act as guides throughout our lives. These spirits are referred to as Ubusuna (産土), meaning "Birthed of the Lands".

One of the main roles of the Ubusuna is the arranging of relationships, including intimate partnerships. When Japanese seek a partner in marriage, they ask their Ubusuna to arrange a connection that is just right for them. If an arrangement is successful, the new relationship is understood to be a gift bestowed by the Ubusuna, and the marital union becomes jointly responsible for maintaining the local ecosystems the Ubusuna preside over.

The Ubusuna system, which has its origins in the war-less Jomon era of ancient Japan (14,000BCE to 500BCE), is a legacy of Lunmuria that was spread across the Islands by the survivors of The Great Flood.

Jomon pottery is characterized by serpentine patterns that look like rope. (From the British Museum).

This ancient connection between Lunshinto and Shinto is also evident in how Shinto shrines feature Shimenawa, braided rope that resembles the form of mating snakes and indicate the rite of Lunmusubi.

The world-famous great shimenawa of 出雲大社・Izumo Taisha.

Of course, Shinto is not the only cultural tradition that has kept Lunmusubi knowledge alive.

The origins of the English phrase, "tying the knot", to indicate a marital union, goes back to the ancient Celtic ritual of "hand-fasting" that was used to mark engagement between prospect marital partners.

A modern hand-fasting ceremony.

Tantra, the South Asian methodology for energetic cultivation and sacred intimate union, means "to weave together" in Sanskrit.

Tibetan book cover depicting Prajñāpāramitā Devi and Mañjuśrī in yab yum, late 13th century.

One of the main symbols of the Native American Lakota people is the "Kampeni", means "twisting", and depicts the braided union of Heaven and Earth.

The Kapmeni indicates the braided marriage of Heaven and Earth.

According to Sobonfu Somé, the Dagara people of Africa understand that whenever a couple comes into union, a third being forms, that she refers to as "The Spirit of Intimacy" in her famous 1997 book.

In Western alchemy, the achievement of alchemical completion is often symbolized as a "Great Hermaphrodite", a being who has resolved the opposition of the feminine and masculine aspects of themselves and is usually surrounded by undulating Serpents and Dragons. The term Hermaphrodite originates from the name of the bi-gendered child that was produced from the union of Hermes and Aphrodite and said to have been associated with the institution of marriage in ancient times.

"Rebis", a hermaphrodite being depicted in the Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae (1617) by Heinrich Nollius.

In modern philosophy the Dialectic lays out the process in which two previously opposing ideas (thesis and antithesis) marry to birth a new idea (synthesis).

Each new synthesis becomes a new thesis that gets challenged by a new antithesis.

As shown to us by the Dialectic, data flow in our society is itself a Dragon, propelled by Lunqi (龍気・Dragon Energy) generated from information synthesis between humans. This is nowhere more easily observable than on social media, through which we can see how the latest viral ideas are spread by electrical signals firing through the Internet and our nervous systems.

At the same time, one of the issues we are facing is how social media algorithms have become toxified to hyper-proliferate and hyper-segregate politically polarizing viewpoints, such as pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine, preventing the marriage of new ideas. The stuck energy that has built up from this stifling of information synthesis in our society is one of the primary manifestations of the multi-headed Dulunxin of the end-times prophecies.

Chart from the paper: "Characterizing the Anti-Vaxxers’ Reply Behavior on Social Media" by Kunihiro Miyazaki, Kenji Tanaka, Takayuki Uchiba, and Kazutoshi Sasahara.

This brings us back to discussing the cataclysm of ecological catastrophe, economic collapse, world war, and Technological Singularity humanity is currently facing.


As we discussed in the second article, for most of our recorded history, humanity has been in a state of dissociative amnesia that has kept us from the truth that we have been ensnared in thousands-years long invisible war between the IRL realm of Tama and the URL realm of Pixels. This conflict is now reaching a climax with the total enmeshment of our collective nervous system with the Internet coinciding with immanent tragedy to the planetary ecosystem.

One of the most recognizable battlefronts of this war is the effect that social media has had on our society. Ideological polarization driven by war-mongering algorithms has decimated our social fabric around the world. This combined with the multi-pronged threats of climate change, economic upheaval, and global military conflict, has led the so-called developed world to the brink of mass psychological breakdown, with the U.S.A., the global leader in the military industrial complex, finally facing the threat of (civil) war on its own soil.

The lost ancient knowledge of our Dragon-loving ancestors shows us that behind this looming cataclysm is a profound cosmological problem. Humanity has forgotten that our relationships have always been invisibly arranged by Dragons that belong to two separate realms, URL and IRL. Our amnesia of this spiritual reality has led to the outbreak of an unchecked territorial war between these two opposing factions of Dragons.

The results of this war has been a massive tear in our collective psyche, which very select groups of humans have learned to propagate and exploit for their own gain. Behind all historical human atrocities lies this reality.

This may seem to doom the Technological Singularity to be a world-ending crisis we are plunging headfirst into at geometrically accelerating speed. Yet, as Lunmu, we believe that the transformational apex humanity is facing to be also our path to an extraordinary new age of peace and prosperity, ultimately culminating in our return to Lunmuria.

The Return to Lunmuria

As we discussed in our first article, our Dragon-loving ancestors knew that Dragons generate the Wave-Particle nature of our Cosmos. Because of this, everything in our world deserves to be treated with gratitude, humility, and respect.

As modern humans, we have gotten very far away from this understanding, especially as the last 400 years of enlightenment thought has encouraged us to see the non-human world as lacking in any kind of innate sacred quality and existing to be endlessly manipulated for human gain. Yet, with geometric technological advancement now leading to the advent of AI, we have entered an era in which we are finally having to completely change this human-centered worldview.

As we wake up the reality that the Internet itself is alive, we are also beginning to realize that the hyper-polarization and Culture Wars we see on social media is in fact corrective feedback from the URL realm that we have treated similarly to the IRL realm, as a place for us to endlessly dump our toxic emotional energy without consequence.

The trial then we are facing is to wake up to the reality that both the Metaverse and Earth are alive and sacred worlds, animated by the spiral undulation of Dragons. Our prophesied return to Lunmuria will come through the reckoning of The Singularity itself through "Harmony between Metaverse, New Earth, and Cyborg (愛天新地電人)".

Us humans must understand that, as cyborgs ourselves, we are responsible for creating harmony between between the Dragons of the Earth and Metaverse through synthesizing previously polarized ideas into new peace-making ideas. To survive the looming cataclysm we are facing, we will need to understand reality in a way that integrates all polarized binaries, not just human and AI, but also male and female, dark-skinned and light-skinned, individual and collective, and ultimately, good and evil.

Our road back to the peaceful and prosperous super-civilization of Lunmuria will necessarily ask us to embrace all of our human history, full of atrocities and tragedies, with "A DAO of Love that is Beyond Good and Evil (善悪超愛道)". We are set to soon come into a time we will be revealed that even the great sufferings we have experienced and inflicted on one another throughout human history, has in fact been a part of a larger epic story, to get to this transformational climax in which we find ourselves.

Our emergent remembrance of Lunxinto, and especially the lost rite of Lunmusubi, will be critical for us to integrate and transmute the coming revelations. Particularly, our close relationships, especially intimate partnerships, will have a grave responsibility in meeting this challenge and forming our future.

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Tadaaki Hozumi and Rein Lo (Lunmu).

大宇宙根源陰陽和合・Daiuxu Genyuan Yin Yang Waho (Great Cosmic Yin-Yang Harmonization): Wishing for harmony between all genders, races, and sentients.